Hi .....!
I would like to tell you about my new school in Australia. It's not big and there go very nice people. We have here interesting lessons with the various scientific aids. At school we have a lot of extra classes. There is a very good team who plays in American football. In Australia I'm still visiting the various nature reserves and places of interest. I've met here a lot of cool people. Best wishes
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Sidney 15March2009

Hi John

Thank you for your letter, we haven't seen for 2 weeks, but I feel that we haven't seen for 1 year.
I feel that becouse in my last days happen a lot of things
OK so i will tell you everything by the start.
We moved here 2 weeks ago and we needed about 5 days to move in at all and then i went to new school.
I thought that it's really boring school but when i saw the new school first time i changed my mind. It is the best place look like i had ever seen.
At school i met a lot of cool friends and teachers, lessons here are better than lessons in England.
Every lesson teachers show us a lot of interesting things inwolved with their lessons.
I go here only 1 week to school but i learned really many.
I hope that we'll see soon, yesterday i asked my parents and they told me that i will be able to invite yoy in about half year.
I am so excited with this.
See you soon