Complete the questions and answers with the correct forms :

there is, there are

A: `Are there` any play areas for young children in the sports centre ?
B: No, ___________ but __________ a children' s swimming pool.
A: What about a bowling alley ?
B: No, _______ a bowlin alley.
A: __________ any snack bars in the centre ?
B: Yes, ___________ three snack bars and an Internet cafe.

zad. 8
are, is, some, any - te wyrazy wpisać w luki

A: ` Is ` there an amusement park here ?
b: Yes, there ____ . It's got _______ exciting rides.
A: And are there ____ swimming pools ?
B: Yes, there ________ two.
A: What about an ice rink ?
B: No, there ________an ice rink .




There aren't, there are, there isn't, Are there..?, there are
is, some, any, are, any
B.there aren't but there is
B. there isn't
A. are there
B. there are

B. is,some
A any
B are
B isn't
; )