Odpowiedz na pytania
15.what`s is your hobby?
16.what do you like doing in your free time?
17.who`s your favourite sunger?
18.what`s your favourite pop group?
19.who`s your favourite actor/actress?
20has your friend got beautiful eyes?
21.is your cousin handsome?
22.have you got any brothers/sisters?
23.what is she like?
24.what does she look like?
25.have you got any children?
26. are you married/single?
27.where do you live?
28.what time do you get up?(pytanie o czynności codzienne)
29.are you in your living-room now?
30.what`s your nationality?



15.My hobby is........(tu wpisz swoje hobby po angielsku np. sport,music itp.)
16.In my free time i like (i wpisz co lubisz robić w wolnym czasie np. ....i like watch tv lub ... i like meet my friends.)
17.My favourite single is....(wpisz imie i nazwisko ulubionego piosenkarza/piosenkarki)
18.My favourite pop group is......(ulubiona grupa popowa)
19.My favourite actor is....(ulubiony aktor)
20.Yes, she has.
21.Yes, he is.
22.Yes, I have (jeśli amsz rodzeństwo) No. I havn't ( jesli nie masz)
23.She like eat pizza. (na przykład)
24.She look like......
25.No, I havn;t
26.I'm single. ( a jak masz chłopaka no to możesz odpowiedzieć: I have a boyfriend.)
27.I live in Poland in ......nazwa miejscwości)
28.Tu wymień pare czynności które robisz codziennie
29.Yes, i'm in my living-room now.
30.My nationality is Polish.
1 5 1
1)My hobby is collecting poustcards.
2)I like watching TV or playing computer games.
3)My favourite singer is Rihanna.
4)My favourite pop groupe is Jackson five.
5)My favourite actress is Magdalena Wójcik.
6)Yes, she has./No, she hasn't.
7)Yes, he is./No, he isn't
8)Yes, I have one brother and one sister./No, I don't.
9)She is kind of cute.
10)She looks like a doll.
11)Yes, I have doughter./I'm student, so I don't have.
12)Yes, I'm./ No, I'm not.
13)In Japan.
14)I'm getting up at 6 o'clock every day.
15)Yes, I'm./No I'm in library.
16)My nationality is Russian.