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Hannah Montana

In one of the first scenes of the Petera Chelsoma film we are observing, like on average comely, chubby Miley teenager (Cyrus) in the dressing room a pop is turning into the famous singer about the well wallpapered appearance blachary - Hanna Montanę. The transformation is reminding the scene around of "Star Wars", when Skywalker is establishing mauled Anakin each black helmet, becoming the Vaderem Lord. The girl isn't murdering, admittedly, with breath, but for her the name is scaring amongst all stars from the galaxy of the American show business.For Miley and her shiny alter the ego is coming from series which for three last years enjoyed record popularity on the aerial Channel Disney. Television "Hannah Montana" was a funny sitcom about inconveniences associated with having the double identity. The full metric area forced scriptwriters into milking the comic potential from the heroine - in exchange it was inflated with lofty values. Such can become known fully in the province which in the belief of authors still remains the anchor of noble traditions.

All over it, as Miley in disguise a scandal is calling Hannas in a shopping centre as well as he is ruining the birthday party of his good friend (Osment), the father is deciding to give her a lesson in humility. So he is taking the daughter into the homeland, where horses are running all over pastures, and nice rednecy a country music is singing clear songs. Following the girl a British journalist also thirsty for sensation wanting to drag dirt out to the daylight from the Montany private life is setting off. The plot naivety which could go in series, in the film is still simply becoming unnoticed unbearable - with what miracle in twenty-four hours of the toy poodle and of "Fact", the heroine managed for so many years to keep her secret?! Okay, okay, we are watching the production for polite ten-year-old girls, and of the ones isn't interested in iron precision and logic worth Dawid Mamet. Miley is learning it lesson, he is saving the home town, and in the end he is giving a concert, from whom armpits and ears are sweating from excitement.

So what remains for the spectator not-belonging unfortunately to the target "Montany"? A majority of songs performed by the heroine is either a plastic pop, or wistful ballades. For want of anything better a number linking the country music is suitable for listening around hip hopem. If with some miracle will be on a screening room some "sophisticated" spectator, a moment, in which the heroine is displaying its true identity at the scene can interest him. The local audience is applauding her, but then he is ordering back to establish the wig and to sing the repertoire of Hanna Montany. The go-getting delusion will always look better than the moving truth – there is yeah business like showbusiness.