Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jake!
How are things ? I hope that You are ok!
Last weekend I was on New Year's party. It was really great in there!
Everyone was wearing clothes from Disney's movies. I was 'Kubuś'. The food was tasty ! I ate pizza, salad with chicken, and olives, and I ate special Wenezuelan dish, called Arepa. In my opinion the best thing was music, because everybody took CD's form their houses and we had all kinds of music, i liked it soo much! When clock showed 00:00 we gone out and watch fireworks. It was amazing too. I hope that it was as good night for You as for me.

Ps. I forgot to write it ! I was dancing with that new girl in my class called Claudia! / I was dancing with that new boy in my class Called Maciek.
I'm waiting for Your e-mail, see You soon, ___< Twoje imię
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