My christmas holiday was very funny and wonderful.I went to my family and I had very good time with them.I made a snowman with my cousins. My mom made a delicious food for example fishes and cakes.On second christmas day we drove to the mountain and there was a lot of snow so we were very glad and of cours we hit each other snowballs.
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I spend Christmas with my family. My aunts and uncles paid us a visit so there were many people at my house during Christmas. It was a very important for me to see all of them together as we do not have many opportunities to see each other’s during a year. I woke up quite early on Christmas Eve to help my father to decorate Christmas tree. It was big this year. After we managed to deal with the decoration, we went to help my mother in the kitchen. We were cooking a borsch and my dad was preparing a carp to be eaten. When they were so busy with all the cooking staff, I went to my room to wrap presents for them. I hid it from them, as it was a surprise. I bought present from my own money that I was saving for a special occasion. I hoped my mum would like perfumes that I had chosen and my dad a new blue tie. After wrapping it all into a colorful paper, I went down to a kitchen again to help with cooking. They were not even thinking where I was. After eating a dinner, we were singing carols and enjoying the great time that we spend together. The next day was full of surprises as my family arrived. We went to the church together. In the evening we were sitting in the living room by the fire place talking about what has happened since the last Christmas.

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