Your class has ordered 30 intelligent pens. unfortunately, only 15 have arrived, which is not enough for whole class. you decide to write a letter to the company
Jednym słowem musze napisac list z zazaleniem do firmy z powodu przysłanej zbyt małej liczby magicznych długopisow (cokolwiek to jest) od 120 do 150 słow. prosze chociaz o jakas czesc tego... :)

revolutionise your studying , try the pen that can ' read your mind'! studying will never be the same again ! It's magic! as if it obeyed your every thought, the intelligent pen automatically chooses the colour you want (black, blue, or orange). or so your envious classmates think! its secret is a new and original mechanism that lets you change colours as you work. a tu jest taki opis tego niby długopisu.. jak coś..



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my name is alex and i writing letter to your company because we order 30 magic pens and just 15 of the arrive to our class. i just want to know when rest of them will arrive to us because we don't have time for waiting . maybe because of that you can done something with that to help rest of the arrive quickly that last 15 pens any way thanks