Moge ci je napisać , bo z takich wypracowań mam zazwyczaj 5 , tylko napisz gdzie byłaś itp. ob przecież nie będę zmyślać :D
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This summer I spend my holidays in Podkowa Leśna. This may not sound very exciting but thanks to our guests my summer holidays are very interesting.
Some local failies in Podkowa Leśna are hostinh a group of ten Amercian adults who are environmental specialists. They are doing a ten week trainig here which includes learning Polish. After the training they will be working in Poland's national parks for a year or two. They are staying with Polish families who have their own small businesses.
We are hosting Amecrian couple, Norman and Carol. They are in their 40's. They are both very warm, well-educated and good-humoured. They have their own bedroom, study and bath in our house. My parents do not speak English and our guests say this helps them learn more Polish. However, they know i can cummunicate in English and we happily switch into English when we can. My English has already improved! They have breakfast and supper with us. This is when we can chat in English. Around midday they have a lunch at their training site, which is a fifteen minute walk from house through the woods. Sometimes I take a walk with them after breakfast. I am always happy to answer any questions they have. I am also interested to know what they like and dislike about living in Poland. They say they have never eaten so many soups and carbohydrates in their entire life as they have in the past few weeks. Amercians love greens and fruit so my parents make sure there are a lot of apples, oranges and bananas at home. They like Podkowa Leśna because it is heavily wooded with a mixture of small, new and old houses.
I think their training is both hard and fun. They have language learning in the mornigs and job-related and cultural instruction in the afternoons. Podkowa Leśna is a forty minute train ride from Warsaw and our guests go there as often as they can. I would like to take them on a few trips to other parts of the country.

Jeżeli zgubiłem końcówki to sorry.

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