Past Simple.
Complete the sentences with the negative form of the verbs.
1.He won a silver medal,but he [tu będzie didn`t win] a gold medal.
2.I was at the final of the World Cup in 2006 but I________at the final 2002.
3.She competed in the Sydney Olympics but she ______ in the Athens Olympics.
4.My dad learned to ride a bike but he _________ to swim.
5.We played volleyball last night.We _________ basketball.
6.I was happy when Wayne Rooney scored a goal,but I _______________ happy when the referee sent him off.
7.Otylia Jedrzejczak sold her gold medal,but she __________ her silver medals.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
3)didn't complete
4)didn't learn
5)didn't play
7)didn't sell
2. wasn't
3. didn't compete
4. didn't learn
5. didn't play
6. wasn't
7. didn't sell