Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. 11/04/1947
the eleventh of April, nnineteen fourty seven
April the eleventh, nnineteen fourty seven
11 April 1947
2. 23/11/2001
the twenty third of November, two thousand and one
November the twenty third, two thousand and one
23 November 2001
3. 2/12/1900
The second of December, nineteen hundred
December the second, nineteen hundred
2nd December 1900
4. 12/08/1807
the twelfth of August, eighteen and seven
August the twelfth, eighteen and seven
12 August 1807
5. 9/09/2009
the ninth of September, two thousand and nine
September the ninth, two thousand and nine
9 September 2009