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hi Andy
im writing this email from Canada. The weather is
really cold at the moment but i really like is here
because the people are friendly Were driving around
the country and were stopping in different places.

Weve just arrived here in Vancover. In the last few days weve driven....beautiful forests and weve seen some fantastic lakes. So far ive really enjoyed the food and we havent had any ....experiences.

Tonight were staying in a small....near the city of Vancouver. Tomorrow were going to leave the car Rocky Mountains . It should be fun.

I hope youre well , Andy. Ill write again soon.

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na te pytania ponizej maja byc odpowiedzi w e-mailu

1) What country are you writing from?
2) What do you think of the country ?
3) Where have you been and what have you done in the last few days ?
4) Have you enjoyed the experience ?
5) Where are you staying tonight ?
6) Where and how are you travelling in the future ?

P I L N E ! ! ! ! ! ! !



Jeśli chodzi o zakropkowane miejsca:
1. very kind
2. through
3. village
4. bike

From: Twoje imię
To: Imię odbiorcy
Subject: Cheers from Australia
Hi <><<>!
I'm writting this e-mail from my hotel in Sydney! The view from the window is beautiful. I can see the beach with warm gold sand and the Pacific Ocean. I didn't know before, how impressive it could be. The weather is just perfect. Sun is shining all the time (including night of course :P ), the sky is blue.
I'm going to visit all famous places in Sydney and in all Australia. I know, it cost some money, but it's worth it! Now I'm planning to stay in Sydney for two days and spend the night in the same hotel. After it I've booked a plane to airport which is placed in the center of Australian continent. I'm going to climb on Uluru, when the sun starts shining! It must be beautiful. And after this, I'm going to go to Papua to visit the jungle. People are very kind. I'm coming back in 2 weeks of course by a plane.

See you later! I'll write again as soon as it possible!

Hi Richard!

I'm writing to you from Greece. We haven't talk for a loong time, don't you think?
But, about that we'll talk later. Like i sad, i'm in Greece. It's a beautyfull country. Really.
The wether is really good! All the time i can fell... hm... meaby 30C!
I have been in Rome where i can look on many monuments.. Except for that i've been in mountains which call 'meteory'.
You must know that I lose mu breath when i saw them. Really amazing felling. You are standing on over 1500meters and,
also you can look down for small (from here) city. I enjoy at all so much. I would stay here if I could... but,
I have to back to you :) Tonight i'll sleep in 4stars hotel in north Greece. So it is closer to you.
I'll get plane to back home. I hope it won't disappoint me.. You know i just a little bit scared of flying...

I hope I'll back to you in one piece!
Your Jessice