A: Can I help you, madam?
B: Yes please. How much are these jeans?
A:They're 45
B: Have you got them in a differnt size?
A; Yes. We have them in large, medium and small.
B; Can I try the medium, please?
A; Yes, of course. Here are you.
B; Thank you very much
A; You're welcome
A: Hi ... ( wstaw imie)
B: Hi... ( wstaw 2 imie )
A: Where were you last 'holiday?
B: I was in London
A: Oh, really? When were you there?
B: I was there in July
A: What did you see
B: I saw a lot of interecting places, The Tower of London, Big Ben and London Eye.
A: What did you do in the evenings.
B: In the evenings we watched tv and sometimes we went to the disco club

Mam nadzieję że wiesz co to znaczy :)