Carmen, Lena, Bridget and Tibby friendship with each other has always been with each other and spend every free moment. But comes a time when each has a different vision of the ideal holiday. Carmen flies to visit his father, the girl to Greece to visit the grandparents and the father's family, Bridget chooses to football camp and Tibby takes a job in a shop. The book begins with the preparation of the first years, the girls did not spend together. When packing with Carmen, Tibby accidentally observes old pair of jeans that Carmen bought in a shop with used clothing and totally forgot about them. All the girls in turn przymierzają jeans and a note with amazement that, despite their different profiles, jeans for each of them are good and well to present. As counsel to the Association established the idea of the Traveling Pants. The night before we parted, meet friends in the old fitness club, where he writes down the rules of the association shall determine the terms and say goodbye to. Pants are to circulate among them throughout the holidays and be their liaison. Vacation turns out to be quite different than a girl suspected. Carmen learns that her father has a new woman, with which he intends to marry and for whom changed their habits. Girl can not be reconciled, and hostile acts against the father's new family and to himself. Lena's grandparents timid attempt zeswatać her grandson with friends, according to the Greek tradition. Initially, she is completely indifferent, but gradually falls in love with a handsome Kostosie. However, the situation changed due to minor misunderstandings and comes to a quarrel between the families. Tibby meets a girl suffering from leukemia, who becomes her friend and her life changed completely. Bridget falls in love with her trainer at the camp, and she manages to make it's returned the feeling. However, moving a little too far. Throughout friends exchange letters and send the pants, which are expressions of their great love for each other. Four friends meet after the holidays completely altered with a considerable arsenal of memories both good and painful. Undergoing difficult times, but their friendship helps them to overcome everything. Jeans are just in a book symbol of friendship, devotion and love.
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