Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hey Steve!
I've been to London this week! I saw many incredible buildings, and met great people. We stayed in a small town near London, u knew that i have a family there? I didn't aswell!
I saw whole London from the London eye, it's so big... And I was in Madame Tousou Museum, where I could make photos with famous people! I'll show you when i come back.
I went back to Poland in saturday, I'm missing it already...

See you soon!

dokładnie 10 :P
Dear Adam
I'm having a great time in Australia. Something amazing happened yesterday! We walked down by the sea when we saw a huge whale lying on the sand. I didn't know what to do. Dad ran to the phone box and called the coastguard. The whale was trying to move but it was stuck in the sand. Quickly, many people arrived and we all tried to help the whale but it was just too big to move! While we were talking the coastguard arrived with a huge crane. In no time at all crane lifted the whale back into the sea. I think the whale understood that we were trying to help it because it didn't leave straight away. It swam up and down, waving its tail. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget

See you soon