Mam 9 zdan do przeksztalcenia na MOWE ZALEZNA...
Baaaaaaaardzo prosze o pomoc !!!!!!!

1."I've never used that program before" she said.
2."Could you give me a lift to the station,pleas?" she asked me.
3."I live in Wales" he said "becouse I got tired of living in London".
4."Sam is working for a small company in Manchester" said Jenny.
5."I took the day off work yesterday because I had a temperature.But now I feel a lot better" said Frank.
6."Give me time to think about it" she asked me.
7.I've been working all day,so I'll comeswimming with you if it doesn't rain " he told me.
8."I won't go unless you join me" Pete told Kathy.
9."Get out of the car immediately" the police officer ordered the man.

Z gory wielkie dzieki i dam najlepsza :) !!!!!!!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.She said that she had never used that program before.
2.she asked me if I could gave her a lift to the station.
3.He said he live in Wales, becouse he got tired of living in London
4.Jenny said that Sam was working for small company in Manchester.
5.Frank said he had taken the day off work the previous day, becouse he had had temerture. But he felt a lot better.
6.she asked me if I could gave her time to think about that.
7.he told me that he had been working all day so he would come swimming with me if it wasn't rain.
8.Pete told Kathy he wouldn't go unless she joined him.
9.the police officer ordered the man to got out of the car immediately