Utwórz formy przeczace i pytajace:
1.Jack is a teacher.
2.The boys have got a dog.
3.Bill has to cook dinner.
4.My father works in a bank
5.The children go to school in London
6.There is a park in the town
7.They have got a big house
8.she wants some apples
9.Mark is driving his car
10.The boys played golf last Monday
11.Mark spoke to his father yesterday



Formy przeczące:
1.Jack isn't a teacher.
2.The boys haven't got a dog.
3.Bill hasn't to cook dinner.
4.My father isn't work in a bank.
5.The children aren't go to school in London.
6.There isn't a park in the town.
7.They haven't got a big house.
8.She isn't want any apples.
9.Mark isn't driving his car.
10.The boys didn't played golf last Monday.
11.Mark didn't spoke to his father yesterday