Horror from the invention of "moving images" was something that attracted people to the cinema, like bees to honey. Do not know why, the man likes to be scared, like when the tears of horror movies sponge with seats, likes to watch for yourself, or none, or if you will - anything - he was not threatened. And best of danger, however. Film-makers from more than 70 years seem well aware of this. Horror underwent various phases. More or less began in the 20s'. Then there are shows such as "Haunted House" by Benjamin Christensen, and absolute classic already - "Frankenstein" by James Whale. Then fear budowało to elaborate tricks, such as doors, after which one side stood the actors and camera operator, on the other two strong men collapsing in not through an ordinary piece of tree trunk. It was modest, and at the same real and really scary. In the 50 'and 60' the undisputed king of the species was Alfred Hitchcock, a simple suggestion could frighten najodporniejszych, for example in the "psychosis" to such an extent expanded tension that after the release of increased sales of bathtubs in the world. People were afraid to take a shower. Not without reason to this day everyone remembers what he said: "The film starts with an earthquake, then gradually increasing tension.". Since the mid-60 'in the world of film directors began to appear with a slightly different vision dreszczowców. Herschell G. Lewis, in 1963 he made the famous "Bloody Feast", it was the first film in history in which so realistically showing guts "on top". In this way, gore trend developed in which the main engine of the film was tripe, liters of blood and body parts (the smaller and more - the better). Then there had been such artists as George A. Romero (series of Living corpses), and Wes Craven ( "Nightmare Street ties," or series "Krzyków"), the latter is considered one of the greatest horror writers of the 30th anniversary last . Unfortunately, all these years, not counting the above-mentioned and several other artists - horror started to decline. Carefully built up atmosphere, light, camera, hints and suggestions have been replaced by mindless brutality, violence, and often too vulgar eroticism. There are, however, beads, where the director is aware that the greatest fear must be drawn from the subconscious of the viewer, caught him as a weak point and do not let, do not try to scare the computer generated ghosts or other creatures. That gem is "Other" young, as director, but very talented Spaniard.

Alejandro Amenábar, because of the question, is one of the hottest names among the directors in recent years. Why? For Alejandro barely finished thirty years, and has already made a movie that has won acclaim around the world and where they came only to collect comments praising critics and audiences - provided, of course, Spanish-"Open Eyes". The film was so good that the director was asked to write the screenplay for an American remake. Hence the "Vanilla Sky" with Tom Cruise'm, probably one of the noisier movies 2001 (not without significance was Cruise's love affair with Penélope Cruz), and perhaps this fact zaważył that the shot a few months later, the movie "The Others" not gained such notoriety. And it should. Amenábar because the aforementioned remake wkupił the grace Hollywood. Not so difficult for him to get 17 million from Miramaxu, and thanks to a new pal in the person of Cruise, he managed to persuade Nicole Kidman to appear in his film. Well, it is agreed, even though the fee would not be such a splendid, as a rule inkasuje.

The action takes place on the island Jarsey, in 1945. In those areas there is a very pleasant autumn. It is cold, gloomy, omnipresent dampness manifested the eternal mist. Gloomy gray. Somewhere on an island in the middle of the forest is big, gray house. It leads to only one way. One day, knocking on the door three mysterious characters. They want to get a job - take care of the homestead, to help a woman whose husband went to war. Grace look after them, and yet we, the audience, and strangely sad at home. And even stranger explains the rules: all windows must be shaded, each door should be behind lock up before it opens next. There is no electricity, no lights, or phone. As it turns out these treatments are designed to protect the woman's two children from sunlight. Are not sensitized. So begins the story, sad but not unusual. What is unusual is to just start. Something bad starts to happen with the house. Curtains of the windows themselves disappear, Anna, daughter of Grace begins telling incredible stories, the doors open by themselves, and the piano playing, even though no one sits with him, the husband comes home like a ghost, and then disappears without a word ... And the end no one will able to provide, is so unusual that the distributor has an appeal that none of the reviewers did not reveal it!

Amenábar (director, screenwriter and composer in one) builds tension slowly and very carefully, without hurry, give us even the wrong characters. At some point, begin to believe that Grace (played by Kidman) is specters that histeryzuje, and that the inventions we see that all this is the result of loneliness and misery, which is the loss of her husband. Kidman caused great in this role. It is fragile, with light complexion, perfectly suited to the role of a woman who is forced to fight over their forces. Gave excellent mental transformation, which moves its heroine - the beginning of the orthodox Catholic, realist, not believing in anything supernatural but God, suddenly starts to associate with something unreal, something that interferes with the view of the world. That doubt has convinced me of the huge talent of this actress. Director does not use any computer tricks. Again shows us the subtle flavor of the game of shadows - candle in a room bathed in darkness, and flames in the fireplace throws light on various subjects. However, this is nothing compared with what obtains the sound of the possibilities. Squeaking, rustling, murmuring, whispering, knocking, everything is perfectly blended into the picture. The whole concert design creates even horror. Unfortunately, watching a movie it is hard not to refer the weighing, the director focused on scenario building and on the basis of terror and mystery, and forgot to send, or any depth.

Spaniard is an excellent film proves that the old convention, good horror is not passed somewhere, along with the era of computers. Simply too many directors are fascinated technical novelties, and forget about what the most important films of this genre - carefully and meticulously constructed a sense of horror, mystery and uncertainty. Fortunately, there are young writers who still remember this and make such films as "Others".