Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
A beautiful old house on the island of Jersey. The house in which one breaks the silence of a scream. Fear of the unknown. The house that Grace lives with her two children and servants. Every next day it expires on the expectation ... to time. Pending the return of her husband, ending World War II. Is it only? Her children - a boy and a girl - suffering from a rare disease - photophobia, or an allergy to sunlight. For this reason, in an unusual house rules apply. It is always immersed in the dark, and should not open the door not shutting all the other previously. Curtains in the windows must be sealed for the day zasunięte. Are you sure? Solitary island of Jersey Grace fills us with fear. Only in the house feel really safe. Is right? There are more and more questions, which Grace can not find an answer. Why is service in unexplained circumstances, leaving the court? Why daughter tells of strange characters visiting her room? Why can not resist the impression that they are just childish fantasies? Mysterious presence of the 'other' and the mysterious events lead Grace to a nervous breakdown. Just like then ill-fated day when the cry cut the silence on the island. What happened then? Some questions on the site are new. Where to find the answers? Unsent list. Unspeakable words. Fear of the unknown. True horror begins, however, disappear when the window curtains, sun burst into the house, and children Grace dangerously close to another dimension and confrontation with the "other".

Fills the whole film an incredible atmosphere. The atmosphere of fear, which might lead to madness. The atmosphere of despondency. "Other" is a journey into the depths of consciousness into the self. Who we really are? What are we afraid? "Other" is a time of reflection and meditation on himself. This film is a decision - where is my place. Do you feel happy here? The "Other" appears in a completely new definition of fear. In this film, there is no bloodshed or other atrocities, which typically produce mainly disgust rather than fear. This film has a much deeper sown seeds of fear. Our dreams, dreams, fears. Everything begins and ends somewhere in ourselves. Fear ... He is born somewhere. Fear ... like a dream - incoherent, chaotic vision of our subconscious. Fear - uncontrolled images remain forever the most private of all worlds - the world, to which admission is only the originator. Afraid to discover the truth about ourselves. We create the illusion of happiness. Increasingly move away from each other the truth. The truth that can only be illusion. We do not want to know answers to questions, because we are afraid that the truth might be too cruel. Along with thousands of penetrating thoughts, we begin to dream of not only their dreams. Life begins to retreat and collapse the membrane film. We see everything from birth to death. We see things and issues from which we escaped. Completion of the "Other" is both sad and optimistic, but at times full of fears about their future. When I saw 'Other' my body could not carry traffic, and his mind was somewhere for a glass screen. And then I felt how great is my relationship with the world, only apparently different from that known to me, every day. This film has meant that many issues, I began to look different, and so far my life has changed. This film simply knocks. And in all categories - director, screenplay, music, costumes. Director Alejandro Amenábar, who is also the author of the screenplay and music, Mrs. costume designer - Sonia Grande, sound - Nacho Ruiz Capillas and cinematographer - Javier Aquirresarobe and camera operator - Julio Madurga, all they have done their job just perfectly.

The film "The Others" is nuanced in the minutest detail. Home jersey and Grace have a unique atmosphere, dedicated to the care and attention to detail. Great photos and costumes further compounded by the magnitude of visual experience. Colors in spite of the visual simplicity literally Micronations feet. The 'Other' lack of richness of colors. The film is maintained in a monochromatic palette of colors. The film is dominated by brown palette, which gives it the nature of the archival record. Scenario 'Other' is very unusual. Usually, movies are beginning, middle and final - in a word, the normal development of the action. Meanwhile, "others" seem to be a part of a nightmare. Suddenly, there are characters out of nowhere, which is not known who. But the real treat for the eye and spirit, and in fact, for the eye, mind and ears are in the film editing and music. Although very sorry that the music for the film lack any guiding the incoming easily in the ear of the theme, but as a background for the unfolding of events in the film, the music is excellent. NEC is so beautiful.

"Others" are an example of a film in which music and story are inseparable whole. Many scenes, because, in this film would not have been such a force of expression, were it not for these wonderful sounds. As for assembly, is a film could be compared to driving on rollercoasterze. Initially a bit lazy the action, thanks to the editor cuts begins to take the pace. The action is fast, so that at times there is no longer time to think. Then the action again slows down, then to once again gain momentum. Amenábar whole time playing with the audience. Game pending a complete surprise to the viewer. The main role in the "Other" has Nicole Kidman, who starred in the role and think of life. Actually, you can not have reservations as to its interpretation of the role of Grace. Her playing is full of passion and emotion. It was obvious that the role that Mrs. Kidman has put all his heart. This actress, was originally in the shadow of her famous husband, Tom Cruise (he is one of the producers of "Other"). A milestone in her career was a role in the film by Stanley Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut," which appeared alongside her husband, then everything has turned out extremely quickly. Today, Nicole Kidman is one of the most popular, most sought-after and best actresses in Hollywood. Since he starred in Kubrick's film, she played in the films "Moulin Rouge!" discussed here in the "Other", and was nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in the film "The Hours" for which he also received an Academy Award. However, I will always be associated with severe, but nevertheless full of love, torn by a storm of emotions character Grace.

Questions posed in the film is rarely the solution, what is more, next to them without interruption, there are new, disturbing both the characters and us viewers. In this film, there is no one simple answer. You will not find it too, dear reader, on this album, because the answer should be the same. The only thing I can add to yourself is: fear - supernatural creature that feeds on human desires, leading them toward self-annihilation. From time immemorial, the fear was sealed in everyday life. Fear, the mystery is alive among us. He lives in suspended between night and day. Fear hides on the roof and relief drops to the ground, as if straight out of the sky fell dark angel. Powiewają black wings when landing on the ground. No, it's just plain coat. When last subtitles, rotating in a spiral, like a string of DNA, have disappeared, the cinema hall slowly brightened the lights. I looked around. Although the film has ended, most people still stuck in places. Only a few minutes later the hall was empty. But I still sat on the ground. I had a strange feeling. Suddenly I felt someone's eyes on him. I turned around. There was nobody around. Maybe I too am a "different"? Perhaps here, somewhere around me hide the "others"? Hidden among the gray walls of everyday life.