Every day i wake up at 7. then i go to bathroom. at 7.30 i eat my brekfast and then i go to school. after school i meet with my best friend and we talk about everything. i go toi bed very late.......
I was in Warsaw. I visited museum. I ate in restaurant. I was in supermarket. I met my best friends in shop. I bought crips and cola. I watched Tv with my cousin. I was very happy. Night I was in park. I was very hungry. :)
I went out with my friends. Our main reason for going is to have a talk with each other and spend time together. We went to the park, and played with leaves. We met some new people there. So many funny things happened during our walk. Nadine got a chewing gum stuck to her jeans when we sat on a bench, and we had to help her to get rid of it. We then played on the playground for kids. After all, we were all hungry and went to McDonald's to eat something. Also, we took many pictures during the day. I came back home really tired, but also happy. Looking forward to go out again!
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