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I wake up a 7 o clock. then i go to bathroom. when i finish clin my bocy i go to eat my brekfast. then i g to school. after school i meet with m friends. and then we go to cinema or to teather. then i go to home. at 21 i go to bed.........
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First I got up at 7:30. Then I went to the library to return and borrow a book. I read a book at 10 o'clock. During eating diner I watched TV. I went to the park. After that I went to my friends to return a math book. I played computer games, and ate lunch. Finally I went to bed at 10:00 p.m.
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Today at school I didn't have math, so I had 2 hours free. I was solving math problems with a girl who is very close to my heart. Usually i am dejected, but she makes me happy. I am smiling and I am enjoing everything when she is with me.
We were solving math problems and talking a lot. I spend 2 hours with her. After that I was learning how to dance the polnaise, unfortunately I didn't danced with her. I was sad. After dancing I had 2 hours of English. I like English and I have pretty good grades in it. My teacher asked me why I am so sad, and told me that I don't look good today. She obviously noticed that something worries me, because it wasn't the first time I hear that from her. After English classes I went to a pizzeria with some friends and with that wonderful girl who is special for me... She were sitting next to me. I was so happy.. We were talking a lot while eating delicious pizza. I really enjoyed that. We were there about 1,5 hour. I said goodbye to her and returned home. Now I am sad again what is the normal state for me. I did some math problems on zadane.pl and don't know what to do now. Probably I will learn physics, read some news on the internet, maybe talk with her and then I'll go sleep.
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