I like Monday very, because in this day I have interesting lessons. This day is the good of week also, so it is the beginning of school. I like to school chodzic very, so I like Monday. I think, that this day exceptional jesy for all, after this day waits us many science. Then weekend and again Monday. Day at school runs me very quickly, lessons seem short but only on Monday. In different days day is debts and lessons seem longer.
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On Saturday I get up very late. In the afternoon I go with friends in town to go shopping. In the evening I play computer games and read a very interesting book. The day passed very pleasantly.

proszę o naj :)
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My day by Reedie.

I get up at seven o' clock. I go to school at half past seven and I meet friends ij school. On P.E lesson I and my friends play football.
After school I go to swimming pool and I swim. After swimming pool I go to games saloon and I play in different games. At two o' clock I go home and I do my homework. At four o' clock I read a book. I watch TV at half past five and I go to bed at nine o'clock.