Fact is first argument on benefit of computer game, that they help to form imagination and develop mind. We will not proceed for next period of logical game if (or) without mental fetch adventure. Last time popular can be example game here " " The Sims, where we are included in (to) angel of hall steward " " virtual person, so called sima, in virtual world. It is necessary to take care of good conditions of lives sima, build house it (him) and find friends, it requires that many efforts and imagination. Custody (protection) forms our abilities of managements over artificial person, as well as it are helped to prepare on organizing personal life. Strategic games help us in development of (evolution of) other feature. Complicated (elaborate) and game expands our abilities of planning realistic " europe " Universalis and strategic reflection and it increases our knowledge from range of history. Many people indicates as source of aggression brutality of game at young people. Has reason for (after) part. Aggression of hero of game is transmitted (is rescheduled) on player often. Many unripe players thought , that if it is may (is allowed) to make something in game memorial , then slowly and in real world. It drives (cause) for aggression really even among children brawls - wrangle. Mortal cases (accidentally) happen even. Behavior of ten-years-old can be example here, which (who) was fan Pokemonów. It has recognized (has regard) during with other boy " duel ", that should set fire to opponent in this moment. And it has made, late (deceased) donation (victim) presents in result of that. certainly this case of (accidentally of) mortal fun is certainly extreme. There is next argument behind playing, that it presents nice and safe manner of spending free time settles . When there is outside chill or rain falls, to soccer on monitor in addition with brazil prefer play (, but it settles from neighbor not colleague ). Game is allowed to relax, when we are tense and after heavy day weary . Surely computer games are better, than it did not did not drink seat at beer on staircase, that is sole alternative of boredom in case (accidentally) many. Biggest danger, which (who) threatens us be from part of computer game capability of addiction (subordination). It is not noticed (is not remarked) often, that instead of reasonable hour or two (two), we have spent five before screen if (or) ten hours. Situation can become sometimes such norm it enter to addiction (subordination) -. Then contact with reality begin lose, enclosing (enclosing with). Our rates with family and they die out friends. Computer becomes our world. We are felt without access to computer jittery and we are failed to concentrate. Cases (accidentally) subordinated are sometimes earth-shattering. It did not eat adolescent from great britain by some 84 hour, it did not did not drink , it did not sleep. It played exclusively. It has finished (has finished) game, but she (it) was last it has not sustained - organism wycieńczenia. This example should be caution for all, they fail which (who) before computer time reasonably dawkować. Alike , if imminent not more, addiction (subordination) is from internet. Case of (accidentally of) mother is known, it get back parent which (who) right , because it spent instead of with children on internet all the time czats.