Last year I was in Mexico during summer holiday.
It was horrible. The plan to Mexico was ten hour late.
The hotel was terrible, because the rooms was ugly. The beds wasn't comfortable. This hotel wasn't well-kept. The swimming pool was very small and full of noisy childrenmały. The food was very tasteless and I ate only some fruits. The beach was far from my hotel and was very crowded.
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Dear mom,

I’m waiting to tell you about my terrible holiday.
We went by car to sea. When we were in the end, our car damage! We had to go 1 mile. When we were on place, we taked hotel, but he was dirty. So, we had to sleep one night and next day all group cleaned rooms. I cleaned my room and I’d liked go to the beach for a swam. The sea was polluted and in the sea swam dead fish. The next day I’d liked go to city. Suddenly it started rains. It was horrible holiday!
I had to sit in hotel two days. When rain finished rains, I went to restaurant some eat. Waiter taked me not fresh meet, because in my meet was spider.
The next day I’d liked go to cinema, but all tickets were
Now I’m waiting in my room, when I’m coming back to my home. Mom, wait for me. See you soon!
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I wanted go to Silesia (jakby co - Śląsk, gdybyś był/a stamtąd, wklej Masuria: Mazury;). I could meet there my friends. I went to the train station with my sister. But we made some mistake - we choosed wrong train. We ought to go to Pszczyna (czy tam Giżycko w wercji mazurskiej) but we didn't know we are in different train that we should be. And after six hours we were in Poznań. My sister has friends there so she didn't panic. She called them and they said that we can join them - they went to some willege camping. So we changed our planes and thought that all will be ok. But it wasn't. Magda (nazwij se siostrę jak chcesz) had great time with them - they talked and had a lot of fun together. I am completly other than them - I couldn't find any place for me, things that we did wasn't interesting for me. Oh, how it was terrible! But it's not the end. After one week in Poznań we went (by correct train) to grandparents to Działdowo (czy tam cuś innego). My grandma cooked a cake and after eat it we all was ill and spent a few days in bed. I thought that it can't be nothing worse. I was wrong. My cousin came. Piotrek is so rude and I realy don't like him. He laught at me, my sister, gradparents - I couldn't stand it! When we came home, we spent there two normal weeks: reading books, meeting friends and after I went for a sports camp. In fact I didn't know that is a sports camp, I knew only about normal camp. And we spent a lot of time on plaiyng volleyball. I'm not good at it and I still was ashamed because of it. And on the third day I broke my leg in the dinning room. I backed home and couldn't do anything by myself on the rest of my vacation...
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