Opisz katastrofę z tornadem, tsunami lub wybuchem wulkanicznym.
Pytania pomocnicze?
1. Where were you?
2. What were you and other people doing?
3. What happened?
4. What were other people doing?
5. What did you do?
6. What did you afterwards?
7. How did you feel afterwards?

To ma byc wypracowanie/opowiadanie fikcyjne na przynajmniej 120 słów.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was terrible when I was in the shop with the animals and it's just a great Wiart someone came and told me to take 2 frames with parrots and ran behind him ran to the shelter anti tornadowego crowd of people ran after me with the animals prior to this event and the animals were still upset about the dogs barking ran to the shelter when I saw the blocks is formed between the large vortex knew it was a tornado pokilku minutes of the city was in ruins, then passed it looked as if bulldozers have any corpses lay among the rubble of people was a terrible sight
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