I spent the New Year's Eve at my loved auntie, I looked children after for her. Marek and Jarek are nice twins. It was very funny. About hour 12 we started preparing to greet the new year. When this magic hour smashed we drank the champagne and then we went outside to let off fireworks. About hour 1 we got back home, then we watched Vivę. In the end we played cards. About hour 3 everyone so we were worn out we went oneself to drip out and then every went to bed into other room. this way for me a New Year's Eve party passed
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
New Year eve I spent with my aunt. I looked after my younger cousins before midnight we were dancing pleing a lot of games like twister, memory games , we make little domino day , and we was plaing my favourite game called "Gues Who" this game is my best one because you need to find out witch person choose yours opponent. There is a lot of fun. we was loughingh all of the evening ,after games we ate small dinner. It was funny because my small cousin make his all clothes dirty and we need to change all of his clothes. After that it was 11 o clock pm we was very excited because in the hour the New Year will comes and we was watching polish tv with famous people . When it was 5min to 12 o clock we start to celebrating new year. we was plaing with fire woks and drinking champage.