Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Jenny !
Yesterday I was in small village near my grandmum's house. My parents were sitting in garden and talking, but i was bored, so i decided to go for a walk. After 30 minutes of march i saw a beautiful place. There were thousands of trees, and next to them was sea called Baltic. Between forest and sea were sand dunes. They were hough and wonderful! I had never seen something like that. Everywhere all around me was sand. The sun was setting, so You can imagine how romantic was it. When i looked at the sunset in a moment i became sad, and i wanted to be here with someone, but it was impossible. So I take my camera from my bag and I did a few photographs. Next, when I back home I showed all of them my parents. The were shocked that how beautiful is there, and they decided to visit that place tomorrow. I hope that, someday I could take U there and let You see that sunset.