Opowiadanie na j.angielski w czasie Past Simple. Ma zaczynać się od zwrotów typu : "It was in 2005" , "It was on Monday", "It was in April", "It was on your birthday" , "It was at Christmas". Np. "To było w 2005 r. ....." Pomóżcie ;))



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
It was in 2005.
Cold wind blowing. With difficulty school.Od came to my house to school was more than six miles. I had to ride the bus. But when the conditions were not conducive walked on foot. It was a nightmare! Suddenly in the middle of the journey he stopped the car. I got to him. Overall, not knowing what I do. Drove into some woods, which have never been. They told me to go ahead. There had to find further instructions. Suddenly, someone jumped out from behind a tree and opened my bag on my head. Darkness.! I cried. Very afraid. They put me in that car. And they took me somewhere. School-as it turned out. They were my colleagues, who did me a joke. For me it was not funny, but scary. But they all ended in Happy End is:)