Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.I think that nowadays internet is a really useful invention. You can read news there, talk with friends for free, buy something without going to the shop, learn.

2.(jeśli chodzi o nowe leki) In my opinion new drugs can save lifes, it's important to produce them even if it's expensive. Who knows, maybe it could someday be a rescue for each of us.
3.Tiny robots can be use f. ex as a help for disabled person, who can't do some thins by himself. They also can be used to enhance productivity in factories. But they can cause redundancy. Who needs people if robot can do the same thing cheaper?
4. Solar energy help people who use it, spare money, beacuse when you have sollar colector your bills go down. Also it's natural and we can use it without consequences for thousand years(we can't say it about gas)
5. Mobile phones are really useful. wherever you are you can call to your mum or call for help. The only disadvantage is that mobile phones radiate and cause sickness