Of certain autumn soirée, when I just read the book into my room something very much resembling flew with the size and sizes plate to soup. It „ something ” it touched down on the desk and in it a small door opened. A figurine of the size of the eraser resulted from it, and then he changed into the being of my height. At the beginning a bit I got scared, and I expressed this emotion with shout. At once a mum ran into the room and with terror asked: - what happened?
- It... it is something touched down in my room – I said.
- Which „ something ”?
- What is lasting before me.
- After all before you nothing is lasting.
- As not? Like this way!
- Stop lying young man! I understood then, that I can only see this being and most probably I can only hear him, how it is in films with ghosts.
- Probably something I had a dream them
– I told to excuse oneself.
- You are watching TV too much – a mum said, and then she left. When I already shook off I started watching the stranger carefully. How I already recalled was of my height, that is the about 1.50 m. He had the face as the typical Earthling, but instead of ears he had tentacles. His structure pointed at the fact that he was athletic. Apart from that he was entire green. What stare you so
-? Unexpectedly it has said.
- Quietly or ! I interrogate (question) it here .
- Good , good .
Are you - who? I is called
- ~ Zorgboerliadustomzyx! @ # $ %? ^ & * _ ( + { ] ` = |. For friends Zorg.
- Date you where from? With (from) near (nearby)
-. Illuminating lat (summer; year) from galaxy from your about 12 thousand outlying . From planet Linket. Nearly - really. Have arrived you what for? Of course, rally (convention) on yearly - marsjański. But exactly where can I park krążownik?
There is not mars land (earth) - only.
It must be spoiled in this silly boat - always cos! beguile land (earth)? Aaaa. Land (earth) eats , third planet from sun. - But exactly. What (which) it country -? - Polish . It is said -, that poles are very hospitable, can it regale I so, ? - Finger, chips, popcorn, juice, coffee, tea? Pencils can ask - a bit. It beguile three - only. It can be -. Towards my surprise, when I have served pencils Zorgowi, he (it) eats schrupał as if they were from timber none. I had to give books intention it (him) and exercise books for school, but I have noticed (have remarked), that I will have benefits more when I will sell it (them) for year. We here - gadu-gadu, but I has not asked even as call say ufoludek. - Krzysztof Woźniak, for friends Krzysiek. - But I am sleeping. For words yawn ( think Zorg przeciągle, that it will swallow me ) and zasnął. As there was late already and I have gone to sleep . I have decided to carry away (to get down) for school my new friend early . Then, I thought , it harms that since it sees nobody he (it) neither it hears.