Proszę o pomoc. Oto polecenie do zadania i wskazówki: You are going to write a questionnaire to find out how much sport and/or exercise people in your class do. Train Your Brain and the ideas below.
*Ideas for a title : How sporty are you?
Pro-sports or anti - sports?
*Start your questions like this: How often do you..? Have you (ever) ...? How many ... have you..? Would you like to...? When did you last..?
*Give two or three answers for people to choose from.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
How sporty are you? Pro-sports or anti - sports?

1. Have you ever taken a part in dance activities?
a) Yes, in the past
b) Yes, actually I am a participant of such activities
c) No

2. How often do you go to swimming pool?
a) very often
b) from time to time
c) rarely/never

3. Do you agree with the statement that "Sport is a health"?
a) Yes
b) No
c) Not necessarily

4) Would you be inclined to practice extreme sports?
a) Yes, I love adrenalin
b) I have never wondered about it
c) I don't think so

5) Is daily dozen a part of your day?
a) Yes
b) Sometimes
c) No

6) Do you practice any sport?
a) Yes
b) No

7) Underline a verse with sports that you are/you would be interested in:
a) Dancing, acrobatics, figure skating
b) Football, volleyball, basketball
c) Nordic walking, skiing, tobogganing
d) Boxing, karate, judo