Complete the sentences in the cartoons using these phrases.

have to pay for them. help me with my maths. turn it off.
let you go to the party. miss the train. tidy your room.

1.) If we don't hurry, we .....
2.)If you drop any you...
3.)If you aren't home by midnight,we...
4.)I'II let you borrow my new top if you...
5.)You'll find your Walkman if you...
6.) If you don't turn the music down, I...

Prosze o rozwiazanie tego zadania..;] Bede bardzo wdzieczna;))



1)miss the train
2)have to pay for them
3)let you go to the party
4)help me with my maths
5)tidy your room
6)turn it off
3 5 3