Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Two years ago I got my first new car from my parents. The car was wonderful. He had black colour. It was Mercedes. My friend were very jeleaus because they didn't have their own cars. I was really suprised because I didn't have driving licence so I couldn't drive. I had to go on a course. When I finished course I had my first drive with my own car. It was fantastic. I drove for five hours. This day I will remember for ages.
Las week I went to the Zakopane with my friends. I was looking for it really long! I didn't expect so much adventures. At first it turnded out that I forgot my camera, next bad thing was this awful hotel. But we were so excited that it wasn't so important. I'm shure that it couldn't be better! In the evening we went ski. I had to be really careful becouse two years ago I broke my leg there. I left on the ski lift a lot, when I had enough, we went to the restaurant. There I met Tom... Tom is so handsome, and funny!
He is my boyfriend from then. I think that it was a former prank of the destination.