Stork is white except for black tail.
The legs and beak is red.
Has a long neck.
The skin around the eyes black.
Due to the poorly developed pectoral muscles frequently uses glider flight.
The strength of their muscles years reluctantly and only over short distances.
Storks live in connections.
Juvenile birds have a black beak and legs.
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The marsh turtle is a lowland kind, and water which only females are leaving for laying eggs is his environment. He is inhabiting small ponds rather small, overgrowing lakelets, forest, bogs, old river beds densely overgrown and hard to reach, big ponds and slowly flowing small rivers with the thick flora. He is a predator, he is hunting and he is eating exclusively underwater. He is eating water insects and them larvae, snails, bivalves, tadpoles, frogs, small fish. He isn't despising also a dead prey. He is swallowing the smaller haul in a whole, and bigger he is catching with jaws and he is tearing pazurami.Wi ększość he is spending time in the water, but he is breathing atmospheric air with the help of lungs. Below the surface he can travel waters even up to one hour. He is very timid, very well he is swimming, he is diving, he can see as well as he senses the approaching intruder, and therefore very much it is hard to meet him. When he isn't being frightened away, he likes to result .. of water and to bask in the sun. He is spending the winter buried deep in the mule at the bottom of a body of water by about 5 months. From the dream he is waking up in April or May, depending on the weather.