My Last Christmas were amazing. I always love that time, because we meet with whole family and the atmosphere is warm. But these christmas were particulary great. Because my further cousin came. I never knew him, but I met him and he was really cool. To make it even better, I got perfume, which I loved from Lacoste, and very nice dress for new year. But before I dressed our christmas tree with nice decorations and cooked honey-cake. Mniammm. I hope that next chrimstas will even better then previous one.
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I've spent Christmas day with my family. I woke up very early. I quickly had a shower and dressed up. I phoned my family and all my friends to tell them: 'Marry Christmas!'. Then I went to our kitchen and helped my mother with cooking. We've prepeared two kinds of fish, a soup, a lot of diffrent salads and many other dishes. We've done the last washing up and we cleaned our house. In the evening our grandparends' arrived to our house. We said hello to each other and about an hour later we started eating the Christmas Eve supper. We finished eating about eleven o'clock and started opening presents. I got a lot of amazing gifts from my family: (wymieniasz kilka prezentów, które dostałeś na święta). We've showed each other what we've got. Finally, it was time to say 'goodbye'. My grandparents' gone home. But it was great Christmas! I can't wait for the next!!

Mam nadzieję, że wystarczy..
I love Christmas.For me it is the favourite and most eagerly awailted holiday in the Year.I with my dad decorate the Christmas tree with glass balls and colorful lights. After I help mam, we makes red borsch, pies or sour cabbage with mushrooms,fish (usually carp) and poppy-seed cake and many ohers.In the evening my family meet at the table.Before the family starts eating, all its members share the holy wafer. After the meal we sing Christmas carols and give each other presents. We go to a mass at midnight and pray for the next year. I love Christmas because it makes people good for others and more caring.