Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
data i miejscowość. (w prawym górnym rogu)

Hi (tu możesz wpisać imię).

I am writing this letter, because soon the winter holidays. I want to tell you about them.
At first I will meet a friends. We will go for a walk. Then certainly I will go to my grandparents to the village. There I will be learning to ski. I will be enjoying myself at the snow and to mould breakers. Nicely I will be to meet my grandmother and grandfather. I think that I will spend these winter holidays curiously, because I very like the snow.
Write what you will be doing. I count on the response.
Greeting ... (wpisz imię).

your friend ....(wpisz swoje imie) [podpis po prawej stronie]

jak chcesz tłumaczenie pisz na pw. :P

Warsaw 22.12.09

Nikolo way!

at the beginning warmly greet you.
I am writing you this letter because I wish to share with you my plans for vacation.
already for several days will be Easter break. my holidays spent with parents and siblings to ride in the Tatras mountains. it is quite far away but there is a great vacation .. on those first two drives my brother, I'm curious how will react at the sight of the mountains. For sure we sled and have fun. on the first day we spend in our hotel, extracting, and get used to her new home. later the whole week we're going to spend on sightseeing in the vicinity of these mountains. in the second week are going to walk on skis because our whole family can ride on them place an big snowman
I think that these holidays will be very successful. I wonder how you spend the time wolny.still once cordially greet and wait for a reply

mysle ze pomogłam;]
za ta prace dostaałam 5- ale tu juz błedy poprawiłam;]
licze na naj