Write an e-mail to a penfriend in the UK about your school Include this information:
- a description of a typical school day
- the subjects that you study which are different from subjects studied in the UK
- things you like about school
- things - you don't like
- what you are doing at the moment in school
napisać proszę w czasie present simple i continous ok 150 slów



Dear John,
I'm writing this letter to you in purpose of describing my school in Poland.
Everyday, lessons start at 8 o' clock. Lessons last for 45 minutes and they are pretty difficult. After each lesson we have a break for 10 minutes. Here, we also study English, but it is much easier. Instead of French, we learn German. That's the subject I mostly hate. Polish is also quite difficult, and learning it is pretty boring. However, I like Chemistry - the teacher is really nice and tries to pay attention for every student. 97 She also shows us very interesting experiments linked with the topic, that we are learning about at the lesson. At the moment, I'm having lots of tests. Tomorrow I am writing a Maths exam, so I have to learn lots of mathematical formulas!
I hope you are doing at school as well as me! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
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