1.We have been invited to the adoption by the Queen. Go?
2.I would not know about it now so if I had not asked
3.He is worse than the English from my friend. She is the best of all students
4.I will not go anywhere unless it stops raining (unless)
5.You must not make noise. All the children sleep
6.He asked whether I had a little time to do it, and I said yes
7.Had Mary, who knows the language a bit, do not go with me, I do not even understand what they want from me
8.When I had the phone nearly every day got a list. I like to receive list and I hate talking on the phone (used)
9.If only I knew how to translate these sentences! Well, I should have more to teach
10.I am writing this letter from a half hour, ao 10.00 it will write over an hour