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After the death of his first wife of Maxim find yourself another and then live with it in a beautiful house of the south-west coast of England.Certain once when Miss Manderley sat before the mirror, thinking how to dress to the ball entered the room Mrs. Danver proposed disguises as a panne the image which it appeared.

Mandenrley stated that this is a good idea then dressed according to the council mrs Danvers. When I saw her in Maxim Rebeccy dress up terribly upset. She did not know why I reacted. Maxim kept everything secret, and therefore, did not know is upset. Maxim everything explained to Manderley and confessed to the fact that he just killed her.



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After de ded of her first łajf of Maxim faind jurself anoder and den live łif it in a biutiful hołs of the sołt-łest koast of England.Certain łonc łen Miss Manderley sat bifor de mirror, finking hał to dress to the ball entered de rum Mrs. Danver proposed diskues as a panne the imadże whcz it apperejted.

Mandenrley stated dad dis is a good aidia den dressed akording to the council mrs Danvers. Łen I sał her in Maxim Rebeccy dress ap terribly upset. Szi did not noł łaj I reacted. Maxim kept ewryfing sekret, and terefore, did not now is upset. Maxim evrytfing explained to Manderley and confessed to de fact dad he dżust killed her.

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After de def of his ferst łajf of Maxim fajnd jorself anader end den liw wif yt in e biutyful hałs of de sałf łest kołst of Ingland. Sertajn łans łen Mys manderlej sat bifore de mirror, finking hał tu dres tu de bol enterd de rum myrs. danver proposd dysgajs as e peni de imidż łicz it apird.

menderlej stejtyd dat dys is e gud ajdija den dresd akording tu de cancil myrs danvers. łen aj soł her in Maxim Rebeki dres ap terybul apset. Shi dyd not noł łaj aj reaktyd. Maxim kept ewryfing sikret end derfore dyd not noł is apset. Maxim ewryfing explejnd tu Manderlej end confesd tu de fakt dat he dżast kild her.

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After de def of his ferst łajf of Mexym fajnd jorself enader end den liw łyf it in e bjudyful hałs of de sout łest kołst of ingland. Kertein łans łen myss menderlej set bifor de myrror, finking hał tu dress tu de boll intred de rum mysys Danwer prołposid dysgises as e pejn de imidż łycz it ejperid.

Menderlej stejt dad dys is e gud ajdija den dresed ekordyng tu de konsyl mysys Danwers. Łen aj sew her in Mexym Rebeki dres ap teribly apset. Szi dyd not noł łaj aj rikted. Mexym kipt ewryfing sikret, end derfor, dyd not noł ys apset. Mexym ewryfing eksplejned tu Menderlej end konfised tu de fakt dad hi dżast kild her.

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