Potrzebuje na pisać email po angielsku w którym znajdą się odpowiedzi na pytania
1. What country are you writing from?
2. What do you think of the country?
3. Where have you been and what have you done in the last few days?
4. Have you enjoyed the experience?
5. Where are you staying tonight?
6. Where and how are you travelling in the future?

PS: Jak co to jest to z podr. New Adventures wyd. Oxford
do kl. II gim. (czerwone) str.45, zad.6,7



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
From . mania25
To . John.
Hi John!
I'm writing this emial from Greece. The weather is really hot. People arevery friendly, polite and chatty.
I the last few days, I visited the Acropolis withe the Parthenon. There is really cool! J haven't had any bad expierences.
Tonight I'm staying in the hotel. Tommorow I want to visit the other landmarks of Atens.

dostałam za to 5. :D
więc bez obaw możesz napisać ;]
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1. I writing from Poland.
2. I think that Poland is beautiful country, Warsaw is capital country.
3. I was in city- ... (np. Torun) and i have done homework from school.
4. Yes, I have enojyed experience.
5. I staying at home tonight.
6. I go to England, Spain, Portugal in the future and I travelling by plane.
Mam nadzieję, że pomogłam.
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