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Judy Garland
At the beginning Judy was a musical child star. After the "Broadway Melody of 1938" Judy was poised for lead role i "The wizard of Oz". The director wanted to cast Shirley Temple at first, but in the end the part was given to Judy. That film made Judy Garland a star, she was awarded a special miniaturised Oscar for "Bebes on Broadway".
She found happinnes with her second husband, who was a director- Vincente Minnelli. Her huge succes was "Meet Me in ST. Louis" where she was singing ballads like her mother. Now she is a well-known actress and singer.
Because of drug addiction Judy Garland had been ill and had to stay in a sanatorium. After that she returned to star opposite Fred Astaire in "Easter parade". But Judy still had serious health problems, she couldn`t work too much.
After a long detoxiaction programme Judy returned and made "Summer Stock" where a psychiatrists had to be with her all the time.
They made together "A Star is Born", but "I could go on singing" was her final film. It was in 1963 in London.
Her next marriage collapsed. Then she married a club manager. But all these failures caused the fact that she was using sleeping pills and she died because of overdose.
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