Witam musze napisac list na ok 100 słow na poziomie elementary na jutro prosze o jak najszybszą odp.na temat:
write a letter to your English
friend.think of some good and some bad news to write about
*say how you are and explain why you didnt write before
*tell him/her your good news
*tell him/her your bad news
*ask him/her to write to you



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hello Alice!

I wonder how are you. I think I'm fine, but last times I haven't to much time, and that why I didn't wrote to you ealier.
Did you know about awards in school for best students? I was given an award for best grades in my class. I'm so happy, and my parents are very proud of me.
There is something unhappy I have to tell you. My grandmother is very ill. I'm really worry about her healthy. I hope everything will be OK with her.
I hope, you're all right. Why don't you write me back? I'm waiting. Hugs and kisses. Say hello to your family.