Udziel odpowiedzi na poniższe pytania.
0. Did you get up at eight o'clock this morning.?
Yes, I did.
1. Did you have a large breakfast this morning? What did you have?
2. What time did you leave fome?
3.Haw did you get to school? Did you walk?
4. Were you early, late or on time?
5. Who did you see first at school?
6. What did you talk about?
7. What did you take with you to school? A bag? A musical instrument? A football? Did you forget anything?
8. What time did your first lesson start?
Ułóż 6 zdan o sobie, uzywając okresleń czasu z ramki.
an hour ago, last week, last summer, last weekend, two months ago, last night



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Yes I did. I had cereal.
2.I leave home at seventh o`clock.
3.. Yes I did.
4.I were on time.
5.i saw my friend first.
6. I talk about my homework.
7.I took bag, pencilcase and books, byt I forgot my notebooks.
8.First lesson started at eight o` clock.

Two months ago I was in my uncle.
Last summer I was in the cinema.
Two months ago I play hockey in the garden.
Last weekend I was shopping.
Last week I was with my friends in the park.
An hour ago I rode book.
8 4 8