In the city better to live, because it is not only better coverage and easy access to the Internet. Worth living in for something like home runs that have to travel to the city because it is usually in a local shop in the village did not have a lot of things needed. The city also has more friends and acquaintances with whom you can talk.
The city also can walk to the disco cool. And there is also the school to which you go ...
In my opinion the city is better than a village;)


W mieście lepiej mieszkać, ponieważ jest nie tylko lepszy zasięg i prosty dostęp do internetu. Warto mieszkać w mieście bo jak czegoś w domu zabraknie to trzeba jechać do miasta bo zazwyczaj w miejscowym sklepiku w na wsi nie ma wielu potrzebnych rzeczy. W mieście ma się też więcej znajomych i przyjaciół z którymi można porozmawiać.
W mieście też można chodzić na fajne dyskoteki. I jest tam także szkoła do której trzeba chodzić...
Moim zdaniem miasto jest lepsze od wioski ;)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Despite that village has much to offering I prefer city, because it offers us of wider perspective.
After first in city our formations it were been possible to find paid work stately better. Work, in which we will realize ourselves , which, it will give us of possibility of advances or else foreign departures. Decent conditions of life family. Such which we dreamt out ourselves aiming to formation.
For second city I offer us best access to cultural posts. In every moment of mum possibility of going to theatre. In cities it is also many cinemas,which they offer us wide choice of films not only for older persons. Often organized different kind concerts whether festivals are. We can thanks see stars on quickly ago, to listen we can musics of which listen only from plates in the country .
It is next argument we can formation, which adapt to one's ability. Often we choose ourselves school of accord to of interests or skills. In city possible this is. Most of schools employs great educate teachers, which with huge commitment pass on one's knowledge generation.
Most of cities is already on so many developed, that to move easily without own car. Underground makes possible us avoidance of corks, it is this fastest of communication net. To every place to approach bus tram easily. Halts are almost everywhere. Buses run very often, so small probability, that we will not reach into settle place.
As last I will quote argument of shoppings. Often when we cook something, it will lack something. In city umożliwione fast mums and best shoppings. Almost on every horn some shop is. If we want to be successful onto larger shoppings, we can go to marketu, in which we will find all about it is us necessary. Not only it is foods' shops much. Onto lack of shops with clothes accessories it were not been possible to complain in city. All of mum in range of hand.
Taking under uwage I affirm quoted arguments once again , that city is best place onto placing one's house and itself . It gives us more possibility.
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