Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I'm going to write about a wish that came true. My wish is that i would love to have a gold fish that would make my 3 wishes come true.
As a first wish i'd love to be the most beautiful woman in the world. This wish can be a wish of every girl of every age. I would be also famous because of my beauty and i would be in each newspaper, magazine or poster. As a beautiful girl i would be very attractive. Each man would love to have me as a girlfriend or as a wife.
My second wish is to be the most intelligent woman in the world. I would be even more known, because of my beauty and intelligence. As a brilliant girl i would know what's good and bad for me. I would also have good grades at school and have a great job.
My third wish is meeting a true love. I would be really happy to find a true love. I think this wish is the most important one. With a true love i wouldn't care about my beauty nor my intelligence. The only important thing would be my true love.
So these are my wishes that came true because of the gold fish that also was my wish. Even without a gold fish these wishes may come true. Especially the third wish, that speaks about meeting true love. Everyone can meet a true love.
I hope everyone can meet the special person and i wish it to all the people.