Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
My dog called Boris. It is a large dog breed nowofunlad, who is male. Its color is black.It's the best coloration of the breed of the dog.
Boris likes to walk and if you throw him a stick. His favorite place to Hasani is a forest on the border and Jankowice Popiel. My dog is an animal very happy. Long since ceased to be a kid but still likes to play ball. When I come to school happily greets me barking. Boris I take wherever I can. It is my faithful companion. When it rains very sad because I can not play with him or go for a walk. When it is hot pour it loves the cold water into the bowl to be cooled.
In my opinion, we always have such a friend at his side. Do not forsake you and will always be faithful playmate.
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My dog name is Rex. He is three years old. He is small, chubby, brown and very beautiful. He has got very big blue eyes, long ears, short legs and tail. He is funny. He runs quickly. He likes to eat potatoes and meat and drink water. He likes to play with me. He loves children. He swims excellently. He's my best friend.

bardzo prosze, ale głowy nie dam, że nie ma ani jednej pomyłki ;)
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