Napisz list do kolegi z irlandii zeby opowiedziec mu o nowym chlopaku kolerzanki:
a.podziel sie nowina i powiedz gdzie para sie poznala
b.podaj min 3 cechy wygladu tego chlopaka
c. podaj min 3 cechy charaktru poparte przykladami
d. wyraz swoja opinie na temat nowego zwiazku i zapytaj kolego o zdanie



Dear Roy

How are You? I'm writing to tell You about our best friend - Monica. I think that you wont believe me what I want tell You.
Monica has a new boyfriend. His name is Patrick. He is strong, well- built and handsome dark hair man. He is ambitious, calm and very helpful because I saw that he works as charity volunteer in many different places, for example: he is looking after sick people in hospital, in hostel. He is polite because he doesn't makes fun of people. He shows his selfless when he has helped me in housework and he hasn't want take a money. Monica has told me that he is studying in Harvard. They had met in journey to Alps Mountains. She told me that their relationship is shaping up well. How do you think? Did she met a right man? I know that yes. I'm waiting for your quick reply. See you!!