Australia is a country in the Southern Hemisphere between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It's official name is the Commonwealth of Australia. Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world.
The continent of Australia and the islands of New Zealand are called Australasia. The islands nearby are Oceania.There are many different species of wildlife in Australia. Marsupials are the most successful group in Australia. This group includes kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, Tasmanian wolves, Tasmanian devils, wombats, and many others. The platypus and the echidna are egg-laying mammals. There are also numerous different species of birds. Some of them are cockatoo, kookaburra, lyrebird, the flightless emu, and several types of parrots.
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I will never forget my best holiday. Last year I went to Australia for more than six weeks and had a wonderful time filled with amazing experiences.I was there with my parents. Australia is a huge country and has a lot to offer. The landscape is varied and breathtaking. The people are great and very nice.
I lived in Sydney. It is the biggest city in Australia. The town is situated near the sea. To the west are mountains. I was sailing, swimming and admiring to views. I saw many other amazing things,inter alia: Harbour Bridge (it is a bridge in the Sydney), Royal Botanical Gardens, Luna Park, the beautiful beaches and Sydney Tower. Someday I was going up The Great Barrier Reef. I was diving and I was seeing lots of exquisite anthozoans and exotic fishes. The last day I perambulated Taronga Zoo (it is home to over 2,600 animals!). I was seeing many animals : koalas, kangaroos, emus and lot of sort Australian bush birds.
I have never had better holiday in my life. I saw a beautiful ocean and mountains. I had many adventures. It was realy my best trip ever
Australia, is a country in the Southern Hemisphere comprising the mainland of the Australian continent (the world's smallest), the island of Tasmania, and numerous smaller islands in the Indian and Pacific Oceans.Neighbouring countries include Indonesia, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea to the north, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia to the north-east, and New Zealand to the southeast.
For some 40,000 years before European settlement commenced in the late 18th century, the Australian mainland and Tasmania were inhabited by around 250 individual nations of indigenous Australians. After sporadic visits by fishermen from the immediate north, and European discovery by Dutch explorers in 1606, the eastern half of Australia was claimed by the British in 1770 and initially settled through penal transportation to the colony of New South Wales, founded on 26 January 1788. The population grew steadily in the following years; the continent was explored, and during the 19th century another five largely self-governing Crown Colonies were established.
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