`Adolescence is the unhappiest time in most people`s lives.

Write an essay giving arguments (minimum 2) for and against this statement an also state your own opinion.

czyli udowodnic że okres bycia nastolatkiem jest najgorszy w życiu człowieka .
praca musi zawierać od 200 do 250 slow i nie może być ściągniętą z internetu! bardzo prosiłabym o krotki wstęp, następnie 2 argumenty, np. że nie mamy własnych pieniędzy, jesteśmy uzależnieni finansowo od rodziców ;) a na końcu własną opinie;)

krótszych prac nie przyjmuję.

z góry dziękuję za pomoc ;)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In my elaboration, I will describe , Why is the period of being a teenager is the worst in man's life?
Well, being a teenager is not easy. We are pressured by their parents so we can better assess. We do not have time for other activities. We are still in school and then we go to other extra-curricular activities. It is not easy at our age to earn money. We are financially dependent on parents. All the problems of puberty are difficult for us, and even embarrassing. Some teenagers also have problems at home. Thanks to lower assessment, because they are afraid to see what games come home. May also be ridiculed by colleagues, because teenagers can be cruel. Youth today is dependent on cigarettes, alcohol or drugs. They themselves bring to this, not wanting to heal. They think that if they do others will be considered to be "cool". Teenagers can become addicted to computer games as from. Teenagers do with time more and more rebellious.
Each passed or will pass through a period of being a teenager. Really need to devote much time to learn and it comes with difficulty. I think that being a teenager is not all that bad, is also experiencing a lot of fun and we also meet the love of his life. ;)
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