Zad1.Napisz zdania w czasie past simple i jak je napiszesz to przetłumacz wszytko.

1.Jack/go with the group x/surf the Net v
np.. Jack didn't go with the group.He surfed Net.

2.Ben/fall into the river v/fall into the sea x

3.Tomek and Gabi/stay in the hotel x/go shopping v

4.Laura/fall into river x/ have a great time v

5.Greg/throw Ben a lifebelt v / shout at him x

6. Ben/ feel bad x/laugh about it v

Zad.2.Napisz pytania i krótkie odpowiedzi i jak je napiszesz to przetłumacz wszytko.

1.St Paul's Cathedral/burn down in 1966
np. Did St Paul's Cathedral burn down in 1966?
No,it didn't.

2.Karl Benz/build the first car

3.Laszlo Biró/buil the first helicopter

4.Yuri Gagarin/take the first photograph

5.Akio Morita/invent the Walkman

6.William Caxton/make the first phone call

7.Samuel Pepys/write a diary

Zad3. Napisz zdania używajac past continouse + when past simple i jak je napiszesz to przetłumacz wszytko.

1.ben/pass the London Eye/he/fall into the river
np.Ben was passing the London Eye when he fell into the river.

2.Pedro/walk in Notting Hill/he/get lost

3.Sally's brother/sail/the boat/hit a rock

4. Carol and Be/dance/Greg/shout

5.LAura/run in the park/it/start to rain

6.JAch/chat online/the computer/stop working

Zad4.Dopasuj A-h i przetłumacz

1.Say 'cheese'.
2.I've no idea.
3.Thank goodness!
4.That's terrific
5.It was brilliant

A. I'm not sure.
B.That's fantastic!
C.It was really great!
D.You're very good!
E.I don't know.
F.That's terribie!
G.I want you to smile.
H.I'm pleased to hear that!

Zad.5. Wstaw brakujace litery i przetłumacz



5) -building- budowac
-well-down- bardzo dobrze
za mało punktów dajesz za to zadanie dlatego nikt tego nie rozwiazuje...;(
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