Przyporządkuj zdania z kolumny A do kolumny B:

1.This is my hometown. I have lived here all my life, in fact
2.I’m much older than him. I had finished university
3.I’m so fed-up and tired. I’ve been writing this essay non-stop
4.He had just started smoking
5.They have been trying to make up their minds about buying it
6.I haven’t been on the computer that long –
7.I’d never even heard of iPods
8.He had only just got to the station
9.I’ve never met them, but I’ve heard their names
10.We’ve known one another most of our lives,

a)ever since they saw it.
b)before he was even born.
c)before he split up with his girl friend last month.
d)since we were at school.
e)since I was born.
f)for three whole days now.
g)when the train left.
h)many times.
i)only since breakfast.
j)until I went to Japan.



1 e
2 b
3 f
4 c
5 a
6 i
7 j
8 g
9 h
10 d